Dream of: 28 July 2007 "Rapid Fall"

I had been driving a big semi-truck, hauling a load for someone, although I didn't know what was on the load. I stopped at a motel to spend the night. I parked the truck out on the road and I went into my room.

When I came out the next morning, the truck had disappeared. Someone had stolen it! I realized what a terrible mistake I had made by leaving the truck out there. To make it worse, I had left all the money I had in the world, around $160,000 in the cab of the truck. So the money had also disappeared.

I didn't know what to do. I started thinking. The truck  belonged to Vaughn. I didn't know how I was going to tell him I had lost his truck and everything on it. I just didn't know what to do.

I began looking around me. I was in a little town. I thought I would at least have to go to the police and make a report. I started walking. I thought I was probably somewhere in Texas, although I didn't know exactly where. I thought I had been in this town before. I walked along the street of the downtown area, entered a building and asked someone where the police station was. I walked down some corridors until I found a room which was apparently the police station and I began telling a man what had happened to the truck. As I talked, I was a little startled that I didn't even know myself what I had been hauling.

Although the man was apparently in the police department, he didn't seem interested in what I was saying. I didn't think it would make any difference anyway because I didn't think the truck would ever be found. I wanted to at least make a report, however, so if somehow the truck were found, they would know who to contact.

I walked out of the room and entered another room which seemed like a cafeteria and I sat down at a table. A thin homely woman (about 50 years old) was sitting right next to me on m left. Although she wasn't very attractive, I nevertheless found myself attracted to her. I picked up her right hand and laid it on my left leg. I had an erection in my pants. I pushed her hand on up so it was lying on my penis. She didn't stop me. I pushed the tablecloth around to hide what was happening and she held onto my penis. I thought perhaps I could at least establish a liaison with her. Maybe I could even stay for a while with her.

She and I stood up, walked out of the building, and walked to a section of town consisting of old dilapidated houses. It looked as if the houses had been abandoned and people were squatting in them. We walked into one house. A second woman inside the house had cleaned out a room and apparently intended to stay there. She had some children. There was no furniture in the practically empty room.

I looked out the window and noticed some cats outside. I had noticed quite a few cats in this town. I seemed to recall having heard someone say that they needed to get rid of these cats. I thought perhaps the cats could be poisoned. Poison seemed like a drastic measure, but there were so many, they were a nuisance.

As I looked over this dump of a house, I reflected about what a nice house I could have bought with the $160,000 I had lost. I could have done so many different things. Now all the money was gone and I had nothing. The rapidity of my fall was amazing.

I just wasn't sure what I would do now. If I went back to work, I might have to work for 30 years to save up that much money again. If I started practicing law again and worked hard, I might be able to make $100,000 a year, but to actually save that much money would take a long time.

I thought about hiring a detective, but I didn't have any money to pay the detective. Maybe I could promise the detective a portion of anything he could recover, maybe even 50%. That seemed like too much. Maybe 25%. I decided I could look for a detective and offer him 25% of any recovery.

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