Dream of: 25 July 2007 "Trespassers"

I was at the old House in New Boston. I had decided to move in. Some other people had been taking over the House and living in it, but now I had decided I intended to live here.

It was evening and I was outside walking around the House, when people began showing up. They seemed like a wild bunch who wanted to party in the House. Soon about 10 people had showed up. I told them to go away, but no one would leave. Finally I pulled out my phone to call the police. I thought I dialed "911," but actually I dialed "666."

A woman answered the phone. I told her that I wanted her to send someone up here, that trespassers were on my property. She asked where the property was located and I explained the location to her. I hung up.

I waited a long time and more and more people showed up. The situation finally looked so desperate, I pulled out a little handgun, even though I didn't think the gun would work. Two other fellows saw my gun and they also pulled out guns. I told them the police were on the way, and they backed off. I was worried, however, because I didn't think the police were coming.

I walked over to the side, pulled out my phone and again dialed "666." The same woman came on the phone. I asked her if someone was coming and she said they were having a problem getting somebody to come to me. She acted as if they didn't want to come. I again explained to her that the trespassers were here and that I needed help. She still didn't understand where I was, so I again began explaining where I was. I told her I was between Sciotoville and Portsmouth, in the hilly area. I told her it was strange because it was a very isolated spot, even though it was right in the middle of a town. She seemed to understand somewhat. I explained that I was at this House, but the other house where My father was living also up there. His house was closer to Sciotoville. I imagined his house as being atop a mountain. I told the woman that both houses were nice and that I needed help.

She said she would do what she could. I hung up. I thought I would just have to wait, but I was beginning to have doubts whether anyone was coming.

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