Dream of: 14 July 2007 "Hole In The Floor"

My mother and I were in the kitchen of the 17th Street House. I had been renovating the House and I had undertaken several projects. I had laid tile in the kitchen, but I noticed I hadn't finished scrubbing all the grout off the surface of the tiles when I had installed them. So I picked up a rag, got down on my hands and knees and started scrubbing. I also used a piece of steel wool to scrub.

As I worked, I noticed some tile near the cabinets had sharp edges which protruded higher than they should. As I worked with the tile and tried to level it out, some tile started coming loose. Looking closer, I realized in some places I had just laid down pieces of cardboard instead of tile. I pulled up about 10 pieces of the cardboard and discovered a deep unevenness in the surface. It looked bad. Obviously I would have to replace all that tile. That would be a big job.

I had originally pulled up old linoleum off the floor. A residue of a black tarry substance had remained on the floor and I had put down the tile to cover the black tar. Under the tar was a fine hardwood floor. As I now looked at the tarry floor, I just happened to have a sander with me and I started sanding some of the tar. I was surprised the black tar began coming off. The hardwood floor underneath was quite impressive.

By now I had pulled up much of the tile in the kitchen and I could see the hardwood floor underneath. The boards ran in one direction in one part of the kitchen, while a different kind of wood ran in a perpendicular direction in another part. It all looked good. I pointed the wood out to my mother and I continued sanding. I decided I was simply going to sand the entire kitchen instead of relaying the tile.

As I sanded in the area of the door to the dining room I ran across some blue paint on the floor and I also sanded it out without problem. When I reached the door to the hallway, however, I discovered some of the floorboards were missing. A gap of wood about a meter square had rotted away. There was a gapping hole to the basement. I pointed the hole out to my mother. Obviously I would have to fix it. I would have to replace some beams and lay the hardwood on them. I said to my mother, "It would be bad if somebody walking across would fall right through."

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