Dream of: 12 July 2007 "Scruffy Hillbillies"

I was in the Gay Street House. Since my father intended to let me take over the House, I was walking through it, trying to determine what repairs I needed to make: the House was rather run-down. All the original woodwork looked good, but would probably need refinished.

As I walked down the stairs from the second story to the first story, I realized I had made a mistake. I had thought Kay had been living in the House, but actually my step-mother had been living there lately. I was unsure whether my father and my step-mother were still living in the House.

I walked down into the basement where I found George (a Portsmouth handyman who sometimes worked for me). He had been helping me, even though I didn't want him to be there right at the moment. Some other people were also in the basement. One was a somewhat pretty black-haired girl (about 15 years old). I thought she might be related to my step-mother, perhaps my step-mother's daughter. I asked the girl about it and she said no, that she had been involved with one of my step-mother's sons. She was either his ex-girlfriend or his ex-wife, I wasn't quite sure.

My step-mother (obese and ugly) suddenly showed up in the basement. She seemed to be in a foul mood, but she wasn't bothering me. I told George he needed to leave because I wanted to discuss some things with my step-mother. I didn't want to talk with my step-mother in front of George, but George just kept working anyway.

Without talking to my step-mother, I worked my way back upstairs and I walked outside the House. Some people were out on the street and I could see some kind of shop down the street. Some men were standing and screaming in front of the shop, obviously angry at the shop owner about something. I walked down there to see what was happening.

Five men had climbed up the front of the building where the shop was to the fourth floor and they were standing on a ledge. Suddenly one man jumped straight off the building. I thought he would break his leg, but he landed without injury. The other four jumped off, one after the other.

They were all so mad. I couldn't figure out what was going on. Finally they all walked inside the shop and I walked inside with them. It turned out they had bought a rifle which had something wrong with it. The place was a gun shop. The shop owner was in the room and guns were all around. The men had paid $120 for the rifle. I saw a picture of it. It was a "Disney" brand. Now the rifle didn't work and the men wanted satisfaction.

Some of the men were sitting down. They were scruffy hillbilly types. I knew they were hunters, not the kind of people with whom I cared to associate. I didn't know why I was even there.

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