Dream of: 27 June 2007 "Meant To Be"

I was at a gathering of some of my old high school classmates. Probably a couple hundred people were present. We were outside where a stage had been set up. People were already seated. A woman walked onto the stage and said that to start, a prayer would be given by "Leroy Steven Collier."

I hadn't expected this. I sat silently for a few seconds, then spoke up. I said that I was surprised and that I hadn't expected to do this. I said, "I do believe in God."

I went on to say it probably wasn't the same God that other people there believed in. I knew I didn't believe in a Christian God, but I didn't want to say that.

I continued talking, until people began standing up, which appeared to be a signal for me to stop talking. So I stopped.

People began walking toward another area and I walked along. I knew some of the people. As we reached a set of stairs and started to descend, I noticed a strong-looking fellow (about 20 years old) bullying a second fellow at the top of the stairs. I said something to the bully as I passed him, and he indicated he wanted to go off to the side and fight me. I told him to come along and we began walking down the stairs. He managed to fall down and he wasn't able to reach the bottom of the stairs. Everyone looked at me as if they were impressed that I had challenged the bully and that I hadn't been afraid of him. 

The rest of us continued on. We had each been given something which looked like a little test tube with some kind of electronic device inside. As I held onto my tube, Conn (a former high school classmate) stepped up. She was about 30 years old. Along with two or three other people, she and I stepped into a little room. I dropped my test tube and I was afraid I had ruined it when I saw a little liquid come out. Conn took all our test tubes and put them into a little machine. The machine was supposed to tell us something about the test tubes.

Just as Conn was about to begin, however, two women walked in. One had a badge. The women said that Conn was doing something wrong, that she wasn't supposed to do that there. The women took our test tubes, held them for a short while, then gave them back. We all walked out of the room.

I decided I wanted to stay with Conn and I asked her if she wanted to stick together with me. She indicated she did. We said goodbye to the others and she and I walked off together. We found a spot to sit down together. I put my arms around her and held her close to me. Holding her was extremely pleasant. I held her for several minutes, feeling ever closer to her, as if I really wanted to be with her. The feeling was intense. I had never thought I would end up with Conn, but now, after all these years, it seemed as if we were meant to be together.

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