Dream of: 26 June 2007 "Abandoned"

I was in the back seat of a car which my father (about 60 years old, his hair still black) was driving to the Gallia County Farm where I was going to stay overnight. On the way, we started talking about my mother and I immediately began challenging him. I reminded him that he had said he was going to help my mother when she started getting sick with Alzheimer's, but that he had ultimately simply left her. He immediately became upset and defensive and he said he had never said he would help her. He said if he had ever said anything like that, he had meant that I was going to help her. I just couldn't believe he was saying something like that. I told him he never even went to see her and I said, "She doesn't understand why you abandoned her."

We had reached the crossroads at Wolf Run where we needed to turn left unto Wolf Run to go to the Farm. By now, my father was so angry, he said that he was going to drop me off there, and that he wasn't going to take me anywhere anymore. It was getting dark and we were still several kilometers from the Farm. I was upset that he was going to dump me off out there in the middle of nowhere. He stopped the car, turned around toward me, and held his fist right in my face. I responded, "I hate you."

I opened the door to get out and I added, "I hope you die on the way home."

He looked at me and smirked. I had the feeling he just couldn't wait to get back to my step-mother and tell her what I had said.

After I stepped out of the car, he turned the car to the right and drove off. I stood thinking. It was getting dark and the walk would be long. Maybe I wouldn't even go to the Farm. If I went back to my right, I wasn't too far from the village of Rio Grande. I might go there and find a motel for the night. My grandmother Mabel and my step-grandfather Clarence were up on the Farm. People would be calling up to the Farm looking for me and my grandparents would tell them I hadn't shown up. People would start to worry something had happened to me. Then my father would regret leaving me out in the middle of nowhere. I thought I might call my mother and tell her where I was so she wouldn't be worried.

Suddenly I recalled I had left my car in Rio Grande. I could just get in my car and drive back to Texas. I didn't need anything else in Ohio.

It was already dark. Abruptly I started hearing music which seemed to be right in front of me. At first  I thought I might just be imagining the music, but then it became louder. I moved forward slightly and the music became louder yet. I began thinking a car must be parked there in the dark. Suddenly I realized, however, my eyes were closed. I opened my eyes and there in front of me I could barely make out the outline of a house or barn. It looked as if I were close to where someone was living. I tentatively said, "Hello?"

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