Dream of: 21 June 2007 "Ghost Superman"

dishonesty impairs power

I was attending a mammoth auction somewhere in the country. Items to be sold were in barns and out in the fields. Hundreds of people had crowded in. Some majestic horses in one field came walking toward me. Riders were on some horses while other horses were pulling buggies. A big brown horse walked so close to me that I was able to touch it. I loved it.

I walked around and looked over the items. Several different auctioneers had already started selling things in different places. I was wearing a heavy coat and when I pulled something about a meter long out of my inside pocket, I couldn't figure out what it was. It looked like white porcelain with some kind of mixer on the end. I wasn't sure, but I thought I might have simply picked it up. After I showed the thing to someone, I remembered that I had bought it earlier and that I had paid $1 for it. I stuck it back in my pocket.

As I walked around inside a barn, I found a box full of "Glamour" magazines which looked very old. I flipped through them, noticed some pictures of pretty women, and looked at those, but since none of the pictures really interested me, I put the magazines back in the box. Next, I found a box of comic books and I looked through them. Some appeared old. I picked up one which was Superman #2, but which displayed a picture of Casper the Friendly Ghost on the cover. Since the copyright date at the bottom left corner said "1968," I knew the comic couldn't be the original Superman #2 and that it must be a reprint. I found a Wonder Woman comic which actually did indeed appear to be quite old. I wasn't sure, but I thought maybe someone had already bought this box of comics. I stuck the Wonder Woman comic in a little bag which I was carrying. I then hung the bag up on the barn's wall. I thought I would wait to see if the bag with the comic would be sold later. If so, I would buy it.

I walked outside and I found one auctioneer getting ready to auction off some wood. Everyone else had crowded inside the barn, so no one else was watching this auctioneer. I saw big slabs of woods -- 2 by 8's or even bigger - and I thought I might buy some. I thought I might be able to use the wood sometime, but I wasn't sure how I would haul it. The auctioneer, however, hesitated to auction off the wood because no one else was there to bid.

I walked into another barn and became caught up in the moving crowd. Things were being auctioned in the barn and the short thin black-haired man who owned all the property was there. He had so much property, I wondered if he were a rich doctor. He started talking to the auctioneer who was starting to auction off an attractive big round table with drawers. Since the owner didn't think the table was bringing enough money, he began talking and interrupting the auctioneer. When the owner tried to talk a little about the table, the auctioneer became upset and pulled him over to the side. I was right up front where I could hear what the auctioneer said. The auctioneer told the owner that he (the owner) was going to have to let the auctioneer do his business, that he (the auctioneer) was there to make as much money as he could for the owner, and that he (the auctioneer) would have to conduct the auction his way. The owner stepped over to the side and the auctioneer continued with the auction. Several other large round tables were also in the barn.

I moved onto another location where tables were stacked on top with statues, many of an oriental nature. I specifically admired several statues which showed an Indian goddess inside a round circle. She had four arms and one leg raised in the air. There were also several statues of sitting Buddhas. I wondered how much the statues would sell for. Many looked to be made of ivory or soapstone. Other people crowded in until there were so many people that only the people right up front where I was could see the statues.

Something happened and people headed toward another table containing larger statues in the back of the barn. As I walked away from the table with the statues I had been admiring, I noticed that at least 80% of the statues had already disappeared and I wondered if people were stealing the statues.

I felt something in my coat pocket and I pulled it out. The thing was an oval shape - about the size of an ostrich egg - made of wood and hollow inside. I was able to open it and I found three little round objects which looked like nuts - also made of wood - inside. I didn't know where this item had come from (I thought perhaps someone had stuck it in my pocket) and I didn't know what to do with it. I thought about simply keeping it, but I didn't want to do that. It suddenly appeared to me that people were stealing many things. The auctioneers appeared to be becoming upset by the theft and I heard one auctioneer say something about "watching 40 people."

So I was concerned about having this object in my pocket, but I wasn't quite sure what to do with it. I even thought about stealing something else and I circulated around the barn to see if anyone was following me. It seemed as if no one was.

I stepped up to the front of the throng where the large statues were being sold. I was very interested in them, and if they were cheap enough, I wanted to buy some. The pace of the auction had slowed considerably and it didn't seem to me as if these statues were being sold fast enough.

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