Dream of: 12 June 2007 "Ruined Spawn"

I was in a two-story frame house (about the size of the 7th Street House) which had two upstairs bedrooms. George (a Portsmouth handyman who worked on some of my houses), his girlfriend Susan, and his children were in the house. Susan and the children went upstairs, while George and I stayed downstairs.

George was holding a brownish-orange sweater which I had given to him. Apparently I had made an alteration on the sweater which he didn't like. He became angry, threw the sweater down on the floor and stomped out of the house. I picked up the sweater and followed him outside. I looked at the sweater. It was the sleeveless type. I couldn't see anything wrong with it. I thought that George must have made a mistake and that he didn't realize what he had done. I wasn't sure, but I thought he must have misinterpreted something. I didn't run after him. He worked for me and if he wanted to quit, he could quit.

I walked back inside. I thought I would go upstairs and tell Susan what had happened. I wasn't sure, but I thought she might have also left. I walked up the stairs and I found Susan and one of her children lying covered up in one of the beds. I walked into the adjoining room and saw Susan's daughter (8-9 years old) in a bed in that room.

I was glad the beds had clean sheets, even though I recalled that I hadn't made my bed. Apparently they were all comfortable, so I walked back downstairs.

I found a comic book and picked it up. I fumbled the comic book and dropped it in a bucket of water. I quickly jerked it out of the water and looked at it. At first I thought it was "Batman" but then realized it was "Spawn." I was glad it was in a plastic cover. Unfortunately, however, the plastic was loose on top and the top of the comic had gotten wet. I started cleaning off the water, then pulled the comic out of the plastic bag. The bag felt a little heavy and I realized a couple centimeters of water was in the bag. I looked at the comic, which was obviously completely ruined. I hoped I had another copy of this issue of Spawn. I knew I had recently given away some copies of Spawn, but I still, however, had a complete collection of Spawn. I just hoped that this comic wasn't part of the collection and that I hadn't lost a valuable comic from my Spawn collection.

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