Dream of: 04 June 2007 "Carpentry And Plumbing"

I was supervising work on one of my houses. A couple fellows were doing plumbing and carpentry work. I would leave and come back to see what they had done. We started out with small projects, just a board or two, but gradually we were taking on more difficult projects. Now we were getting ready to install the trap in the bathroom. This was one of the more difficult projects which we had tackled.

I also realized I had been paying the men every time without even having a contract. I wondered if I should have something in writing for each little project. I decided that wasn't necessary. The workers should realize by now that I was going to pay and that they could trust me. I should likewise be able to trust them that they wouldn't overcharge me. Other people also knew me, so the workers should be able to trust me because of my reputation.

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