Dream of: 28 May 2007 "Lost Plane Ticket"

Jon and I had gone to an airport to board a plane which was supposed to leave in an hour. Unfortunately, I had misplaced my ticket. The ticket I had lost had been free and I had obtained the ticket by using a ten digit number. I was now trying to obtain a replacement for the ticket I had lost, but I didn't have the number. I recalled I had written down the number for the new ticket on the back of an old ticket, but I couldn't find the old ticket either. Two women behind the counter were trying to help me. I had been here earlier and given them the information, but they hadn't been able to find a record of the ticket. Now I was back again.

Jon (abut 30 years old) was sitting in a chair near the counter. Somehow, because he was so tall, he became tangled up in his chair and he had to get out of the chair. He stood up and left me alone at the counter. 

The women worked and worked and I kept looking in my billfold for the number. Since I didn't have the number, the women tried to locate the ticket on the computer by using my name, but they couldn't find any record of the ticket.

As the women continued working, I realized I was no longer at the airport, but in the apartment of one of the women. She was slender, about 40 ears old. Her daughter (about 5 years old) was sitting on a chair to my right, with her back to me. I noticed the girl had taken off her pants, so I could barely see the top of the crack of her butt. She stood up, walked over to her mother, and sat down on the floor. She rolled backwards so her naked pubic area was up in the air, but I didn't see it. I turned my head and closed my eyes -- I didn't want to look. The girl straightened back up so nothing private was visible, and I was able to look at her again.

The woman continued to work on her computer, trying to find my ticket. We had originally had an hour, but now only 20 minutes remained. I still had to get back to the airport, so I knew I was running out of time. Jon hadn't returned. It looked as if I were going to have to head to the airport without a ticket. I thought I would have to use my money to buy a new ticket. Maybe I could get the free ticket later.

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