Dream of: 25 May 2007 "War Against Moslems"

I was in the upper story of a tall building, looking through the window to the scene outside. Other people were in the room with me. We had been hearing reports that a bomb had gone off somewhere. From our vantage point we could look around the surrounding area covered with houses and small office buildings. Straight in front of us (perhaps a kilometer away), a second bomb exploded and it looked as if a building was toppled.

Suddenly a huge jet fighter followed by three small fighters roared overhead. I had the feeling that war was breaking out and that the Americans were counterattacking. Then off to our right, we saw a stealth fighter taking off on a long runway. The stealth rose magnificently and gracefully into the air. Suddenly, however, before our shocked eyes, the stealth wavered and started heading toward earth. The stealth plummeted nose first into the same area where the building had exploded. I could hardly believe what I was witnessing. I immediately began flipping the dial on a black radio sitting behind me, expecting newscasters to be breaking into programs to announce what had just happened. However, I heard nothing about the crash.

The scene in front of me turned chaotic. There was no fire, but someone had jumped onto a piece of heavy construction machinery with a long claw on the end. The machine began frenetically ripping into the wreckage, crushing and strewing the remains of the stealth everywhere. Clearly any survivors would be crushed. Soon I saw other people trying to board the machine and pull out the operator. From where I was, it looked as if the operator was Moslem, and I sensed the whole conflict had to do with the Moslems. I could envision other Moslems being gathered up and put in jail. It looked as if the American people were rising up in an indiscriminate war against Moslems.

Some Moslems were quickly interred in the room adjoining mine. I could see their faces through an open door. I had no pity for them -- I didn't care for Moslems to begin with. So when one tried to reach into my room and grab some of my food which was lying on a table, I quickly grabbed up my several boxes and sacks of food and pulled them away. I hollered to someone else in the room to get his food, but a black-haired Moslem man grabbed the other person's food and disappeared back into the neighboring room. At least I had rescued my food before it could be stolen.

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