Dream of: 21 May 2007 "Unimpressive Flying"

I was in another country, with a group of high school students who were all staying together in a dormitory or big house. Another fellow and I were lying fully clothed on a bed. He had black hair and a black beard. When I asked him where he was from, he said, "Portsmouth."

I told him that I was also from Portsmouth and that I had graduated in '78. Then I changed that and said, "No, that was '70, I meant." I was thinking that was a long time ago, since I figured I was now 50 years old.

Quite a few high school girls were also in the group and I was interested in trying to hook up with one, but I knew I was so old. I thought about saying something to the fellow about how old I was, but I imagined he would come back with something cute about how my ding-dong didn't work anymore. I knew that wasn't true, because I was still sexually capable.

I thought about telling him I hadn't had to look for women for a long time, because until earlier this year I had been married. I might even tell him that my wife had been 20 years younger than I. I had had the perfect marriage. I had had what I wanted. Now, however, I was again out on the prowl. Things had changed.

Other fellows gathered around and soon one pulled out a gun. I thought he was just playing around, not actually threatening, but then he pointed the gun at me. Another fellow pulled out a complicated military rifle and handed it to me. I pointed the rifle at the fellow who was pointing his gun at me. He then handed his gun to me. I didn't know whether the guns were loaded or whether this was all just a big game.

We all walked outside. Even though I was dressed in heavy clothing and I was still carrying the guns, I wanted to fly and I began rising into the air from the platform where we were standing. But one of the fellows grabbed me by the foot and he wouldn't let go. As the group walked along, apparently oblivious to my floating above them, I told the fellow to let go of my foot because I wanted to fly. When he finally let go, instead of flying, I landed on the ground and buried the guns in some dirt. Then I took off running, raised up into the air, and began flying.

I couldn't control myself. I thought I would be weighted down by my heavy clothes, but I kept rising higher and higher and I started drifting toward a large group of high-voltage power lines. Trying to avoid the power lines, I again began drifting back toward the earth, intending to land.

No one on the ground seemed impressed by my flying.


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