Dream of: 18 May 2007 "Thoughts From Satan"

I awoke in the morning in the Gallia County Farmhouse. I had arrived on the Farm the previous night in the dark and I had been unable to see anything outside. Since I had heard that my father had cut down all the trees on the Farm, I was surprised when I looked outside and saw many trees still left standing. The big oak trees behind where the old milk house used to stand were still there. I saw a big maple with red leaves as in autumn. I could see some stumps on the surrounding hills, but many trees were still standing.

My father was also on the Farm and we had gotten along the previous night. I hadn't said anything to him about the trees. Now that I was able to see, however, I could see the devastation he had caused. At least he hadn't cut all the trees as I had thought he had, but the more I looked, the more stumps I saw and the angrier I became.

I finally walked down to the milk house where I found my father, my sister and my sister's husband (both probably in their mid 30s). In front of my sister and my brother-in-law, I confronted my father about the trees. When I asked my father about what he had done, he nonchalantly strolled around as if it didn't matter and as if he hadn't done that much damage. I spurted out that he had been in "my most recent dream." But then I reflected that he hadn't actually been in my most recent dream, and I corrected myself, telling him he had been in a dream "a while ago." I told him that in the dream I had told him that he worshipped money. I said that in the dream I had said to him, "You worship money. Money is your God."

He brushed me off as if it were nothing. I was surprised he wasn't becoming angry by what I was telling him. I myself wasn't angry, but I wanted to vent my feelings. I just wanted to tell him what I really thought about him. I asked him how he could have done this and I brought up my step-mother. I told him he was greedy and he had just wanted the money from the trees to buy something for my step-mother. I also knew my step-mother's sons had been involved in cutting the trees. I asked him how much her sons had received and he answered, "About a third."

He pulled out a pack of cigarettes and offered me one. Only two cigarettes were in the pack. He was getting ready to take one out of the pack himself so he could smoke it. I grabbed the pack from him to stop him from getting one. All the while, he didn't become angry.

My sister and my brother-in-law had been listening to everything. I could tell that they felt the same as I, that they felt betrayed. They, however, were afraid to say anything to my father. I perceived that they at least felt a little happy that I was confronting him because they themselves were afraid to do so.

I stepped up close to him. Our noses were only a couple centimeters away from each other as I starred at him right in his eyes. I told him he had destroyed the Farm. I asked him when the thought of cutting the trees had occurred to him. I said, "Where did these thoughts come from? They came from Satan. They came from the Devil. You are evil. You are evil."

Up till then my words hadn't affected him. He had ignored everything I had said. My last words however, seemed to have some tiny effect upon him.

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