Dream of: 17 May 2007 (2) "Missing Teeth"

I was walking down a street in Mexico City, Mexico. Carolina was living in Mexico City and I had decided wherever Carolina lived, I intended to live close to her. Quite a few people were on the street, and just as I passed two women, one said, "Hi Steve."

Without looking, I said, "Hi," proceeded walking a few steps, stopped, turned around, and looked back. The two women had also stopped and were looking back at me. One asked, "Is your name really Steve?"

I answered, "Yes."

We walked toward each other and began talking. Both were blonde and probably in their mid 20s. They could have been pretty, but they were both missing some teeth. The one standing right in front of me had four or five jagged grizzly teeth in front. I thought of saying something about their teeth, but I didn't. I wondered if I had met them somewhere here before and had forgotten them. One said something about a birthday on July 15th. I looked at them and said, "That's my wife's birthday."

Again they looked astonished and I likewise felt astonished. I wondered if they were just making this stuff up to meet people like this. Maybe they just made up a name and spoke it when they were passing someone. If by coincidence the person answered (they would have to occasionally get a right name), they could make a big deal out of it.

They weren't making such a big deal out of our encounter, however, but I just wanted to get away from them because I knew I wasn't going to have anything to do with them, they were so ugly because of their teeth. I told them I walked up and down this street often and I might see them again sometime. My statement was not entirely truthful, although I did occasionally walk on this street. As I was about to turn away, the woman in front of me moved her face toward mine as if she were going to give me a goodbye kiss. Being so close to her was revolting. Before she could kiss me, I backed away, turned and walked off. 

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