Dream of: 12 May 2007 "Sleeping On The Floor"

After Carolina and I had broken up, I had moved back to Ohio and I had started seeing my old girlfriend Vickie (probably in her mid 20s) again. Vickie lived with her mother and I had started staying at her house, sleeping on the living room floor.

I was lying in the living room and I could hear Vickie and her mother talking about me in the next room, asking themselves if I were going to get back together with Vickie. I thought to myself that I wanted to get back together with Vickie, but I still had feelings for Carolina and I still talked regularly with Carolina. Nevertheless, I was thinking about marrying Vickie, even though I knew Carolina and I had married. I wondered what Carolina would think if I married Vickie. It would probably tear Carolina up.

I wanted to get out of the house and clear my mind. I stood up, left and started walking around outside, trying to determine what I was going to do. I just wasn't sure I should marry Vickie.

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