Dream of: 11 May 2007 "Fly Spots"

I was with my old buddy, Phil Lane. We were both probably in our early 20s. We were in a old green car (like I used to own around 1972) which I was driving. We had been looking for some marijuana, and finally Lane pulled out a little baggie of pot which he had managed to acquire. I was anxious to get some from him, before he smoked it all or lost it. He put the marijuana in the glove compartment. I was a little worried about having the marijuana in the car, thinking I would get blamed for it if we were pulled over by the police.

I saw something on the floor which looked like a wallet. I picked it up and realized it was mine. I opened it up and saw a bunch of $20 bills inside. I flipped through them a couple times. I figured about $400 was in the wallet, money which I had forgotten I had.

When I looked up from the wallet, we were no longer in the car, but were standing in a little room. A man (about 25 years old) walked into the room and handed me a small piece of cellophane with about four purple pills wrapped up in it. When I asked him what they were, he looked at me in astonishment, as if he couldn't believe I didn't know. He said they were "fly spots." I then realized they were LSD. I asked him if they were really good and he said they were. I thought I wanted to take them and I thought Lane would also partake. I wanted to take them as soon as possible because I hadn't tripped in a long time and I was looking forward to it.

Before we could take the pills, however, two black-haired women (each about 20 years old) walked into the room and said they had been waiting for me. They couldn't understand what had happened to me. Apparently Lane and I had been on a date with the two women, and we had left the women for a while. It seemed as if they had been looking for us while we had been gone. Both women were pretty and I liked both. I looked at them and asked, "Well, which one am I with?"

The one standing closest to me moved even closer and I concluded she must be my date. I asked them if they wanted to go to my place. They indicated they would. I leaned my head over to my date and engaged her in a very pleasant kiss.

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