Dream of: 28 April 2007 "Old Fights"

I was sitting in an auditorium with three other fellows. We were sitting as if we were at a table, each of us on a different side facing a middle, although there actually was no table, just seats. I was sitting so my back was to the stage. The auditorium was full of people, everyone sitting the way we were, with some people whose backs were to the stage. From my position I could look back into the audience. I saw the musician Willie Nelson sitting toward the back. At one point he jumped out of his seat and up into the air, exquisitely contorting his body in mid-air, then falling back into his seat.

Finally everyone stood up to change seats. I said I would like to have a different seat so my back wouldn't be facing the stage. As we were changing, I realized that two of the people at my table were old schoolmates, Adkins and Shaw. As we were standing, I talked a bit with Shaw. I began telling him how I used to get into fights when I had been in  high school. Suddenly I recalled that I had actually had fights with Shaw. He also recalled, and he said he had beaten me 75% of the time. I didn't think that was correct. I recalled two fights we had had. One had been in an alley after school. The other had been outside Debi's house. I told Shaw that I had been handicapped in the alley fight because the index finger on one of my hands hand been badly stubbed during the day and I hadn't been able to use that hand to hit with. So technically I thought I had won that fight. The other fight had been more or less a draw. I had to admit that I hadn't won the second fight.

I recalled that I had dated Debi for a while, but Shaw had later married her. Later they divorced. I asked him where Debi was now. He said something like "How should I know?." I mentioned that he had been married to her, but he still seemed uninterested in Debi's whereabouts. Somehow I thought Debi had moved to Florida, but I was unsure.

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