Dream of: 22 April 2007 "Nuclear Spray"

Mel Gibson was sitting in the front passenger seat of a car which I was driving down the highway, while my father was sitting in the back seat. The car belonged to Gibson. Sometimes I was able to put the car on automatic control and I would sit in the back seat. Once when I was in the back seat, I began reading a little book about the automatic control. I also had some little forms which I could fill in to make certain adjustments to the automatic control.

Once I fell asleep and when I awoke, we were passing a truck. We were speeding along at 80 miles an hour, so close to the truck that I jumped back into the front seat, thinking I needed to fill in the forms.

In the driver's seat, I again took over the controls, and just as I did, we entered a tunnel which was strange because it was entirely metal, even the road underneath us was metal. Like being on a roller coaster, we dipped down and then soared back up before exiting the tunnel. The ride was a little scary because it almost seemed as if we were going to fly off the ground and into the air.

Next we started traveling in a centrifugal circle banked so steep that the car actually seemed to be on its side. I told Gibson I had never seen anything like this.

When we finally came to a stop in a parking lot, all of us were already outside the car which continued moving around the parking lot, while I held onto a leash attached to the car and tried to pull the car back to me.

Gibson, meanwhile, was running around the parking lot and trying to gather up three little children (probably 3, 4, and 5 years old). He almost looked as if he were in a panic. Suddenly I realized someone seemed to be chasing Gibson. The person threw something which landed close to me. The object looked like a little round brown intricate rock (about 30 centimeters long). My leash now actually seemed more like a ray-gun than a leash. I pointed the ray-gun at the object and fired. The ray hit the object and knocked it about half way across the parking lot.

The man who had thrown the rock was standing nearby. He told me that I shouldn't have done that and that I had now caused some problems. He also mentioned something about Mexico. He then picked up the object and as he prepared to throw it again, I turned my ray-gun toward him and I began shooting at him. A spray came out of the gun. I knew the spray was some kind of atomic material which would kill the man. Nevertheless he managed to throw the rock and it landed close to me. It looked as if the man then died.

A second man, however, quickly showed up. He ran toward me in order to pick up the object. He was carrying one of Gibson's little children. I aimed the gun at him, intending to hit him in the waist area so I wouldn't hit the child, but I couldn't help but hit the child with some of my shots.

He managed to pick up the object, and the object began spraying something at me. I knew the spray coming at me was a deadly nuclear material. The material hit me in the chest. It didn't burn, but I knew it would probably kill me. I continued shooting him with my spray. I knew I was hitting the child and that the child would die. I knew, however, we were past the stage where I could prevent my own death or the death of the child. I only hoped to save other people from dying by killing the man. Even though he didn't fall as the first man had fallen, I knew my spray would ultimately take effect.

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