Dream of: 10 April 2007 "Cracking My Skull"

I was at a picnic where some of my relatives were present, including my father, who was very angry with me about something. I talked with him and basically told him that there was nothing which he could do to me and that he couldn't control me. I walked away from him. I was looking for the loudspeaker system which was available for broadcasts in the picnic area. I wanted to announce on the system that I loved everybody except my father. I wanted the people to know that I loved them all, but I definitely didn't love my father. I wanted to clearly say, "I love everybody except Leroy."

I ran into my father's first-cousin Don, and I began talking with him. Suddenly my father showed up again. Someone (who almost seem like a big round ball) was with him. The person grabbed my head and began pressing it so hard, I was afraid he might crack my skull. I barely managed to slip away from him. When a second person tried to grab me, I realized my father had hired these people and he was trying to hurt me. I hollered out, "Don! Don't leave! They're trying to hurt me!"

I ran and tried to escape. I ran past some houses into a wooded area. Unsure what to do, I tried to imagine what to do next. I didn't know where this episode was going to end. I only knew I had to escape from my father. My mind was foggy about whether I had a car or someplace to go. I could only focus on running into the forest and hiding until I could escape.

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