Dream of: 05 April 2007 "Trail"

I was in a classroom at Ohio University, Athens. I was sitting a table with one other student. The teacher (probably in his mid 30s) was a swarthy man, probably from India. It looked as if only the other student and I were going to show up. I asked the teacher if he were going to teach or if we could to whatever we wanted. He said we could do what we wanted. So I pulled out a book for another class. I needed to read a story in the book. I started trying to read.

Suddenly, however, the three of us stood up, walked outside, and boarded a car which the teacher was driving. We drove for a few blocks before pulling up into a nice area with narrow streets and big buildings on both sides. Apparently the teacher lived in this area. When we stopped in front of a five or six story brick building, I asked the teacher if he owned the whole building of if he just had an apartment there. He said he only had an apartment there.

I stepped out of the car and walked across the street. I intended to return to the car, but I noticed some kind of sale was about to start in another big house. I headed toward the house. On the porch was an elegant grayish-green porcelain statue (about 12 centimeters tall) which depicted the ant character Flik from the movie A Bug's Life. He was carrying a knapsack on his back. The back of the knapsack depicted the face of the evil grasshopper character Hopper from the movie. The statue was so cute, I thought about buying it. It was $9. I thought I might come back to it after I found some other stuff inside. I walked on in.

The house was stuffed with fabulous stuff. I quickly found a shelf which appeared to be full of movie paraphernalia. Boxes appeared to be full of movies. As I began looking, some women began crowding in and trying to grab what I had. I pulled out little boxes which had names of old movie stars on them, but I couldn't tell for sure what was in the boxes. I recognized the names of the stars although I had never actually seen them in movies. I piled up the boxes which interested me, but the women kept grabbing them away. It seemed as if the women were angry at me about something, although I was uncertain why.

I pulled out some more boxes about the size of record albums. Those boxes appeared to contain the life stories of certain actors. I wasn't really interested in them.

I finally just gave up, put everything back where I had found it, and started walking around. I decided to go back and retrieve the porcelain statue. When I returned to the porch, however, the statue was no longer there. I regretted that.

I walked back inside. So much stuff was in the house. A stairway was filled with piles of magazines with the title "Trail." The magazines had colorful artistic pictures on the covers. The magazines were on sale for only a few dollars for all of them. I thought I would like to have them, but I really didn't want to go to the trouble of taking them and carrying them around.

I waked into a large room with statues all over the place. Standing on a stairway was a woman who apparently lived here. I asked her if the upstairs was open and she said no. From where I was, I could see a large balcony upstairs and all kinds of things sitting behind the balcony. A large swordfish hung on the wall up there. I couldn't believe people could have so many magnificent things.

Someone said the garage was going to be opened. Apparently things had already been sold out of the garage yesterday, but good stuff was still left out there. People started rushing out to the garage and I went along. I jumped down some stairs into the back yard. Off to the side was a little coral where horses were being trained. Another building appeared to contain a woodworking shop. I finally concluded that the man who owned all these things was a woodworker and an artist. From his art he had managed to accumulate all this stuff.

People started heading around a second corral. I, however, went straight through the corral. Suddenly I realized I was walking through mud. I sank almost up to my knees, then fell over into the mud. I could hear people commenting about my falling. Slowly I realized the substance wasn't mud at all, but some kind of dry material. It left a brown sooty substance on my palms, but actually, I liked the feel of it. I began trying to extricate myself so I could continue on to the garage and see what was in it.

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