Dream of: 30 March 2007 "Retrieving Possessions"

I was visiting Carolina (about 30 years old) at the Summerdale Drive House. Although her husband, Sal, had left town for about a week, I was still a little concerned that he might return at any time. Without hesitation, Carolina and I had earlier gone to the bedroom and quickly made love. I thought we would have sex again in a little while. We would probably have sex every day that I saw her.

Now we were standing outside in front of the open garage door.  Stuff was stacked all over the garage. I remembered Carolina had recently told me she had found a large plastic box of toys which I had left there. She had also found a couple other plastic boxes which might belong to me. I could see two plastic boxes which I thought might be mine stacked atop some stereo equipment. I wanted to retrieve them, but I would have to climb up on something to reach them. I thought I might also be able to find the big old movie disks which I had also left here.

With difficulty I began climbing, still concerned that Sal might unexpectedly show up at any time I mentioned my concern to Carolina, and she confided that she suspected Sal was seeing another woman. She said he had acted funny about planning his trip. He had also been requesting that Carolina go somewhere at least one night a week so he would be free. She had picked Mondays, so on Monday nights, Sal would simply disappear somewhere. She suspected he was seeing a woman on that night. I could tell she was upset about it

People began walking around outside. Apparently they thought we were having a garage sale. I didn't want everyone in the neighborhood to show up. Most people walked on by, but a couple small girls remained. They were tending to a small baby in the back yard. Apparently the baby belonged to Sal. Carolina was taking care of the baby and the girls were watching it for her. I realized one of the girls had seen me here before and I figured she would probably tell Sal she had seen me here this time. But I was no longer particularly concerned. If Sal showed up, I would simply tell him I had come to pick up some things which belonged to me.

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