Dream of: 28 March 2007 "Unenjoyable Ride"

I was riding a motorcycle with my father. Sometimes I seemed to be sitting in front of him, sometimes in back, but he was definitely driving. We were in a high mountainous area, on windy roads, going up and down. He told me if I would look up ahead when we went around the next curve, I would be able to see some houses on the top of a neighboring mountain. I looked, but the sunlight was so bright, I could hardly see. For just a moment, though, I could see some nice houses on the top of a neighboring mountain.

He was driving wildly. We came to a ravine and he propelled the bike straight across through the air. Being with him was a frightening experience. I definitely wanted to get off. He seemed to know what he was doing, but I certainly wasn't enjoying the ride.

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