Dream of: 27 March 2007 "Deum Te Amo"

I was in a long slender movie theater watching a movie. I liked the movie, but the screen was so far to the right, I had to bend my head uncomfortably. A commercial came on and people began standing to leave. I also stood up to leave. I walked toward the door, but just before I exited, the movie began again, and I realized the pause in the movie had just been a little intermission. I walked back down to the front row and sat down. A wall was in front of me and I again had to turn around to my right to see the screen.

Other people sat back down. One man (he looked as if he were from India) walked up to me and said something, intimating that I had taken his seat. He walked to another seat and sat down.

Another man walked up and stood by me. I wasn't quite sure who he was, but he seemed to have something to do with the movie. He began softly speaking to me as if he were trying to hypnotize me. I thought I would go along with him and suddenly I became the focus of the attention of everyone in the theater. The man would ask questions and I would answer. I closed my eyes and talked. I felt a little strange talking in front of all these people with my eyes closed, but I did it anyway.

At first I had only intended to act as if I were hypnotized. Gradually, however, I actually began to feel hypnotized. My arms were hanging at my sides. Suddenly, my left arm began slowly rising into the air. Then my right arm slowly rose into the air until both my arms were hanging high in the air. Then I began singing in a very clear voice, "Ave Maria. Deum Te Amo."

I vaguely realized something was controlling me: I myself hadn't caused my arms to rise into the air. The feeling was strange. It was spooky, and at the same time I rather enjoyed it.

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