Dream of: 21 March 2007 "Potato Head"

I was on the Gallia County Farm, in the field close to the old swimming hole. I knew my father would soon be coming along on a tractor pulling a wagon. Soon he showed up on the tractor and I climbed onto the wagon where some other people were already sitting. Some members of my family including my first-cousin Jimmy were among them. Jimmy was happy to see me and he wanted to talk with me. I, however, didn't want to be around the other members of my family. I wouldn't mind talking with Jimmy, since I knew he wanted to talk with me, but I didn't want to be around the others.

Lying on the floor of the wagon were six potato-head toys. Apparently one potato-head was for me, and the others were for other people on the wagon. When the wagon reached the gravel road next to the field, I grabbed my potato-head, said goodbye to Jimmy, and jumped off the wagon. My father didn't see me leave. I headed up the hill containing the 40 acres on the other side of the road.

I could hear voices down below behind me. My father had realized I had left and he was questioning Jimmy about my departure. Afraid my father might come after me and try to hurt me, I hurried up the hill as fast as I could, trying to think where I could go. I thought I would continue straight up through the woods, off the path, then circle around on top of the hill. I wanted to escape from my father, but I was a little afraid that if he caught me he might hurt me in some way. 

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