Dream of: 20 March 2007 "Long Bus Ride"

Carolina I were in a nice restaurant. We were seated, but our food hadn't yet arrived. A tray with cheese, and rolls filled with delicious whipped cream, was on the table. I picked up a piece of cheese and put it on my plate. We soon discovered something wrong with our table, and we decided to move to another table. After I picked up one of the rolls to take with me, we stood up and walked out of the restaurant until we reached another section of the restaurant about 50 meters away. We sat down and waited for the food which we had already ordered. I munched on my roll.

After we had waited for perhaps a half hour, I began to suspect our waiter didn't know we had moved. Carolina and I stood back up and headed toward our original table. Somehow, in the process, I managed to board a bus full of people. The bus took off. I thought the bus would transport me the short distance to the original table, but the bus continued on without stopping. Soon we were far out in the woods. To our right was a steep cliff. We went too close to the cliff and suddenly the bus toppled over the edge. We hung on the edge of the cliff, looking down at the forest of trees all the way down the side of the cliff to the bottom far below. The bus was lodged against some trees which kept us from crashing down the cliff.

No one seemed to know what to do. I finally decided we might be able to crawl out the window. I crawled out a window onto the side of the bus and landed on the road. I called to the other people to come out. At the same time I was worried the bus might be thrown off balance if people clambered out. Nevertheless, people began climbing out and soon everyone was out of the bus and on the road.

Another bus came along. I was uncertain what had happened to the other people, but I boarded the new bus. I was almost alone on the bus when it took off. The bus continued on and on until finally I realized I had been on the bus for a year and a half. I hadn't talked with Carolina in all that time. I knew she would be worried about what had happened to me. I should try to call her. It seemed as if now we were both very old, probably in our 80s. I knew our relationship was probably finished. We probably wouldn't even live much longer, but I thought I should at least try to contact her and explain what had happened to me when I had left that restaurant and why I hadn't returned.

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