Dream of: 17 March 2007 (2) "Chemistry Class"

Even though I was about 25 years old (older than everyone else) I had managed to again start taking classes at Portsmouth High School. I was taking a chemistry class in my old chemistry class room. It was the first day of class. The teacher (a man about 50 years old) was very nice and I liked him. As he began explaining something, I thought I was going to enjoy this class and this time I was going to learn something. I would learn all about chemistry and how elements combined into compounds.

Each student had a bottle of something. I looked at my bottle and saw the word "Listerine" written on it. I knew, however, that the bottle did not contain Listerine, but some other kind of chemical. The chemical was supposed to be used for cleaning. The teacher asked me what I had. I told him the bottle said Listerine, even though some other kind of yellow liquid was actually in the bottle.

I set the bottle aside and the teacher brought me a little tray containing three little bottles, each a different color. He said the bottles were little samples of cleaning liquid and I could use them. I told him I had something under my desk which needed cleaning. I started looking for the object under my desk so I could use the chemicals to clean it.

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