Dream of: 16 March 2007 "Other Side Of The Aisle"

My mother (who seemed a bit like my grandmother Leacy) was sitting next to me in an auditorium, with the stage in front of us. The aisle was on the other side of her. I looked past her, across the aisle, to the next row of seats, and five or six seats from the aisle was sitting an old high school schoolmate, Crabtree (probably in his late 20s). He looked at me and motioned his head for me to come to him. I recalled that Crabtree had recently procured some marijuana for me and I thought he might have some more. I thought I would go over to him and sit down in the empty seat on the other side of him. I would have to pass all the people seated in the five or six seats between him and the aisle, or I could go down the row behind him, where only a couple people were seated, and climb over the seat to get to him. I sat pondering which way to go. I definitely would like to have a little marijuana.

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