Dream of: 13 March 2007 (2) "Worshiping Money"

I had spent the night at a park in a small mobile house-trailer which I owned. When I awoke the next morning, all kinds of birds were making noise in the park. One bird on the ground looked like an eagle, except it was white.

I remembered I had a marijuana joint in the back of the trailer. I thought about finding it to smoke, but I didn't want to smoke it yet.

I got behind the driving wheel of the trailer and started moving it around, trying to park it better. After I had parked the trailer and walked to the back of the trailer, other people began showing up, including my father and my sister. My father sat down. It was quite obvious that I wasn't speaking with him. People began talking and I told them I had been forced to park the house-trailer there because there was no where else for me to park. I was referring to the fact that I couldn't go to the Gallia County Farm anymore because of my father. Everyone quickly caught on to what I meant.

I knew that my father had given control of the Farm to my step-brother Alex and that Alex was cutting the trees off the Farm and selling them. Finally the question arose of why I wasn't talking with my father. I said my father knew why -- it was all very clear. I said it was because he had "sold the beauty."

My father stood up as if he were ready to leave, but I pushed him back and said, "You worship money. Money is your God."

My sister looked shocked by my words.

Through a window I could see my sister's son David (probably in his mid 20s) and some other relatives of my sister standing outside and looking in. Everyone seemed stunned by what I had said to my father, but I really didn't care what they thought. I just wanted to put my thoughts out in the open.

My father left and I turned to my sister (she only looked about 15 years old) and I asked her if she knew what my father had done to the Farm. Obviously she did: she started crying. Clearly she was upset by what he had done. She also couldn't go to the Farm anymore. I asked her if she knew to whom he had given the trees and she said she did. She added that she thought my father was going to sell the Farm to my step-mother or to Alex. I told her my father would only receive pennies for the Farm from them. My sister agreed, but there was nothing she could do about it at that point. Finally she walked out.

I thought to myself that I was glad I hadn't smoked the joint before everyone had come in. They surely would have smelled the smoke. I was at least thankful for that.

My nephew David walked in. A woman (apparently David's girlfriend or wife) also walked in. They were much friendlier than normal.

I had a box with some printed material which had three holes in the pages so the material could be put in a binder. I started working on the material, getting it ready to put in a binder, even though I didn't have a binder at the moment. When David began helping me, I told him I didn't have the binder.

As I worked on the material, I began thinking about everything which had just happened, and I concluded it had all been a dream. I said to David, "I've got to report this dream."

I told David that he had even been in the dream and that I had seen him outside the window when I had been dreaming. I started looking around the room for my tape recorder so I could record the dream, but I couldn't find the recorder anywhere.

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