Dream of: 13 March 2007 "Out Of Control"

I was in a science class where approximately 30 other students and I had taken a test the day before with 29 questions. The test was handed back to us. I took my test paper, walked out of the room and looked at it. I figured if I had only missed two questions, I would still receive an A. However, when I looked at the test, I had missed 15 questions out of 29. Obviously I must have failed.

A fellow I knew was walking ahead of me. I asked him how he had done and he said he had a minus 19. He seemed upset and he continued walking ahead of me until he disappeared.

I walked outside and headed across a field. When I was about half way across the field, I noticed water seeping into the field behind me in the area I had already crossed. The water was coming so fast, I was uncertain I could reach the other side of the field before the water overtook me. I turned around and headed back into the water, trying to get back to the place I had started. The water, however, flowed in so fast, I had to start swimming. I was worried because I was still wearing my shoes.

The water came faster and faster, until a current developed and began pulling me. I knew if the current carried me to a drain on the edge of the field, I would probably drown. I couldn't control the current. I was in a situation I simply couldn't control. Now I could see how people could be pulled by a current into drains and drown. I had never comprehended this before, but now that I was in the middle of the current, it was all so clear. I was in terrible danger.

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