Dream of: 10 March 2007 "Tiled Snake"

My mother (probably in her late 60s, I thought of her as my grandmother) and I were walking along a street when we reached a field with cows. It turned out that my mother owned these cows. There was no fence around the field so the cows were free to run right out onto the sidewalk. One of several pure black calves ran up to me and I began petting it. I even picked it up into the air. A black and white cow (apparently the mother of the pure black calf) walked toward me. When I tried to pet the cow, it butted me with its head. I wrapped my arms around its neck and held onto it. The cow was stronger than I and was just about to force me off the sidewalk.

A thin short Hispanic man (around 40 years old) walked up. Obviously he was responsible for taking care of the cows. I let go of the cow and he led it back into the field.

Sensing that he was obviously concerned, I walked over to him and told him that the woman with me was my grandmother and that she owned the cows. He seemed satisfied, although still uncertain whether I was telling the truth. Apparently he didn't even know who my mother was. I asked him if anyone had ever stolen any of the cows. I was particularly curious if anyone had ever stolen one of the calves. He replied that none had ever been stolen.

My mother and I walked into a small house nearby. As we looked around the room, I noticed the walls were all covered with tile. There were three colors: one was mostly blue, another bright brown, and yet a third color. The tile had been laid in little broken pieces, but it had no design. It looked as if someone had been experimenting with the tile, but I couldn't see any pattern. I thought if I had laid the tile, I would have tried to put a pattern in it, such as a big snake running  across the whole length of the room. Even without a pattern, the tile interested me, how it had been broken up and put it place, because I had recently been doing some tile work of my own.

I was ready to leave. I looked around and saw that my mother had walked back outside into the yard. She had put on a dark-pink one-piece bathing suit and she appeared to be sun bathing out there. I walked out and told her we needed to leave because I had things I needed to do today. She seemed disappointed. She said she still needed to run a couple errands. She needed to go to a store down the street and she needed to do something else. I told her I didn't want to walk down to the store. Maybe we could use the car. I was in a hurry -- I had things to do.

She seemed a bit distracted, as if she weren't quite sure what she was doing. Nevertheless, she stood up so she could put on her clothes and we could leave.

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