Dream of: 09 March 2007 "Blackened Hole"

George W. Bush (about 65 years old) and I had been traveling together. Even though I didn't like him or his politics, I had been working with him. One day we were at an auditorium where he was preparing to give a speech. He and I were standing together off-stage as he prepared to walk onto the stage. Dressed in a suit, he looked quite dapper. He intimated that I probably wouldn't want to work with him anymore after today because of a policy change which he intended to implement. He mentioned something about "a blackened hole." I knew he intended to make some kind of change regarding his Iraq policy, but I was unsure what the change would be.

He left me standing as he walked out onto the stage. He stepped up to the podium in front of the large crowed and he exuberantly hollered out, "Yahoo!"

He proceeded to describe how he intended to escalate the war in Iraq. I now understood his earlier statement and I knew he was correct: I would no longer be able to work with him. I had never liked him in the first place, but his proposed escalation of the war in Iraq only exacerbated my distaste for him.

From the side of the stage I edged out onto the stage where people could see me. Since I knew the speech was being televised, I thought if the camera swept in my direction, some people might see me and realize I was someone important who was involved in the Bush campaign. I only stayed on stage a few moments, however, before stepping back off. I contemplated further how I needed to quit working for Bush and leave his employment.

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