Dream of: 08 March 2007 "Discarded Tools"

Carolina and I were in the Summerdale Drive House. I had been here part of the day -- it was already about 3:30 p.m. I slowly realized Carolina's husband Sal would be returning home about 5 o'clock. Since I didn't want to be in the House when he came home, I told Carolina I would have to leave soon.

My white 1999 Ford Escort was parked in back of the House. I suggested to Carolina that I pull the car around front. Then if Sal pulled into the back of the House, I could run out the front door and jump into the car.

I walked out back and pulled my car around in front of the House. When I stepped back out of the car, I noticed a tall heavy book shelf standing in the front yard (exactly like one I had bought from Portsmouth High School before the school was torn down in 2006). The book shelf belonged to Sal and Carolina, and apparently they had set it in the front yard to give away. I knew they had given away many different things, but the bookshelf was obviously worth some money, and it seemed ridiculous that they would simply give it away. I thought if I went back inside and told Carolina to put a sign in the yard to sell the bookcase for $20, someone would take it. They should also move it out closer to the street, instead of leaving it halfway in the yard.

I walked over to the bookshelf to look at it closer. Some tools were lying on the bottom two shelves. There were a couple of tiny saws, and something which looked like a horse hoof-clipper, except it seemed to be made of something like balsa wood. I picked up about 10 of the tools and headed toward my car with them. I figured if Carolina and Sal were going to give the tools away, I would throw them in my trunk and keep them. Then I would go back into the House, wait for Sal to return, and run out.

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