Dream of: 26 February 2007 "Delusional"

I was in a car which was part of a caravan of cars traveling in California. My mother, my sister and a man who was my father (not my actual father) were in the car with me. He was slender black-haired man (about 40 years old) who wore glasses.

As we traveled, I sat next to a window and read a Time magazine article which described a controversy which had arisen in California over some flowers which resembled carnations. At the same time, we passed by a small park where a little dilapidated log cabin was standing. In front of the cabin were three small spindly trees. I immediately recognized the trees as the very trees which were in controversy in the article. Apparently the flowers only grew on these three little trees in this one particular park. I didn't understand the nature of the controversy, only that it involved evangelistic Christians.

I was excited because I now remembered I had been here once before with my wife Carolina and she had taken my picture in front of those very trees. I pointed the trees out to my mother and I told her I had a picture of me in front of them.

We traveled on until the caravan came to a stop and everyone got out of the cars. With my sister standing close by, I told my mother I hated those evangelists (the ones involved in the controversy with the trees). I hoped my sister overheard because I knew she was of that evangelistic ilk. I wanted to challenge her twisted Christian evangelistic beliefs.

My pet Dalmatian Picasso had also hopped out of the car and I walked over to him. He was sitting and I knelt down next to him. When I stood back up, a fellow (probably in his mid 30s) walked up to me and threatened me. He was heavy-set and considerably bigger than I. Apparently he had overheard what I had said and he wanted to fight me. I didn't want to fight, but he looked as if he were going to assault me. Hoping for witnesses, I edged toward some other people, only to realize that they were all with him. When they all surrounded me, I said something about how this must be their method and I said they must be "delusional." I wanted them to know that I thought they were all deluded in their evangelistic beliefs.  

The man stepped closer, but he didn't hit me. Instead he held out a cigarette and acted as if he were going to burn me. I told him I would have to do something if he actually burned me. He pushed the cigarette into my mouth and pressed it into my tongue as if he were putting it out. Only when the cigarette touched my tongue did I realize that it wasn't lit. I was unable to stop him from holding the cigarette against my tongue and I thought I might still have to fight him.

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