Dream of: 17 February 2007 "Chemistry"

Louise (about 30 years old) and I were in room in a resort. She had gone into the bathroom and after she had been there for quite a while, I began to wonder if something was wrong. I walked over to the bathroom door, which was so rickety I could look inside. She was lying in the bathtub with her clothes on. I said something and I seemed to start her, as if she had been sleeping. I opened the door and walked in. Sitting there as if she were in a daze, she said, "My father died."

I gasped, "Oh no!"

I felt sorry for her, even though I knew she wasn't close to her father. She had recently moved to the city where her father lived so she could be close to him. But they had fallen out and she hadn't seen him recently. I was unsure how his death would affect her.

She seemed to want to be alone, so I walked out of the bathroom. When I returned, she was standing out of the bathtub. I approached her, trying to comfort her. She began talking, not about her father, just talking. I loved the sound of her voice, which had an amazing effect upon me. I told there was a "chemistry" which affected my whole being when I was around her and when I heard her voice. Just being close to her made me feel good.

I was standing behind her. I moved closer to her and moved my lips toward her neck. I asked her if she were still seeing Vernon. She said no. I asked her if she were seeing anyone else, and she answered, "Not now."

I immediately began thinking she and I might be able to reunite. I asked her if she was still practicing bankruptcy law and she said no. I was surprised to hear that. She clarified her statement, saying she wasn't taking on any new cases, but she was still tending to her old cases. I asked her if she had a staff. She said no, she was working alone, with only a little help from one other person. She said she had about 300 cases left to finish. I told her that was the best time, because income was still coming in, but the pressure was off. I had done the same thing with my bankruptcy cases.

I was glad to hear she wasn't taking on new cases. I even began fantasizing that she and I might be able to practice law together - but I didn't know if she intended to continue practicing law. I didn't even know if she and I could get along. At the moment, however, she was being very nice and we were getting along superbly together. Being around her again was thrilling.

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