Dream of: 16 February 2007 "The Squeeze"

I was with Tony Soprano (the character played by James Gandolfini in the television series "The Sopranos") and another fellow. The three of us were partners in a venture. We had entered into a deal with a young black fellow (about 25 years old). The deal had gone sour and we were getting ready to put the squeeze on the black fellow.

I was presently trying to find out what kind of property the fellow had. He didn't have much, but I learned he had one piece of real estate in the middle of the city where we were. I wasn't sure, but I thought the property might be some kind of business. I was looking at a map, trying to find out exactly where the property was. I thought we might be able to take the property from the fellow. I located on the map a piece of property which another fellow had, but unfortunately I couldn't locate the piece of property of the black fellow.

Finally Tony said the property was a little restaurant where we had been meeting with the black fellow. I was happy to hear that, because I recalled the restaurant was quite nice. We concluded our only difficulty in obtaining the restaurant would be in dealing with the black fellow's girlfriend, who worked at the restaurant. She was a bit contrary. Nevertheless, I was confident we could squeeze the restaurant out of the fellow.

Since we were close to the restaurant, the three of us went there to take a closer look at it. I told Tony that the three of us could take over the restaurant as partners and work out the details later. Tony seemed satisfied with such an arrangement. When we arrived, Tony and the third fellow stood outside while I walked inside and looked around. The place was more impressive than I had recalled. It consisted of several rooms. I had thought it might be worth about $30,000, but now I saw it was worth at least $50,000 - $60,000.

I soon encountered the black fellow's girlfriend, a pretty slender woman (only about 20 years old). Another man was with her. She immediately wanted to talk with me and Tony. Even though I knew we weren't ready to talk, I motioned to Tony to come inside. Since she was with this other fellow, I thought we might have fewer problems in persuading the black fellow to sign over the restaurant to us.

As Tony was walking in, he mentioned that the black fellow could simply sign a paper saying we could do whatever we wanted to do. I thought signing such a paper wouldn't be a smart move for the black fellow, but I figured he would probably sign it just to get out of this deal. Then we would end up with the restaurant.

At the same time, I mused about what would happen if someone would try to put the squeeze on me like this. The first step would be to determine what property I had. The next step would be to try to take the property.

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