Dream of: 15 February 2007 "Too Much"

I had gone to visit Carolina in a big hotel room. Her husband Sal was also in the room. Both were about 30 years old. Apparently Sal had accepted my seeing Carolina.

Carolina and I had already made love once, and now she somehow asked me if I wanted to have anal sex with her. With Sal sitting right there, I said something about how she was going to let me "fuck her in the ass."

Carolina seemed happy. We were both naked. We walked into the bedroom. A black man named Leroy (also about 30 years old) was lying on the couch in the room. I was a bit apprehensive about his presence and I said something about him watching us. The whole situation seemed a bit bizarre. I thought maybe Sal and I might even have sex with Carolina at the same time. The idea seemed strange because we didn't like each other. Apparently, however, we had set our differences aside for the moment. 

Since I had just had sex with Carolina and I had already climaxed, I told her I didn't know if I was going to be able to do it. I was partially erect, but not fully erect. She wanted to try. She said we needed something for lubrication. She said she had some "Dove soap." She got in the bed and began smearing something on my penis and then she began trying to insert my penis in her anus. I wasn't quite hard enough and she couldn't get the penis in. I told her to let me try, but when I tried, I also failed.

She acted as if she knew all about anal sex now. She said Sal had sex with her that way. She seemed to be the expert on the subject. I, on the other hand, knew I had never had anal sex, so I was letting her guide me along.

 I thought how I had planned to have sex with Carolina when I had come to see her. Now that we were having sex, however, maybe I would visit her more often.

This hotel suite had several rooms, and suddenly I heard a child's voice in the next room. I abruptly realized Sal's children had shown up. I quickly realized the hotel room must be in his name. Maybe even his parents were out there in one of the rooms. I said to Carolina, "This is too much."

I slid off the side of the bed and tried to pull on my blue jeans. Carolina stood up and walked toward the adjoining room to head off the children so they wouldn't come in where we were. I certainly didn't want Sal's children to come in here. I thought abut sliding under the bed -- there was enough space. Instead, I just lay down beside the bed and continued tugging on my pants.

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