Dream of: 14 February 2007 "The Cookie Man"

I was in Mexico, on a bus filled with people. We had stopped to take a break, and along with the others, I stepped off the bus for a while. When it was time to depart again, everyone re-boarded the bus except one passenger: Duff (with whom I first came in contact in 1964 when we were both in the seventh grade). We were on a little country mountainous road out in the middle of nowhere. As the bus started to take off, sitting about three seats behind the driver, I called out to him that someone wasn't on the bus. During the break, a new bus driver had taken over the bus. I had become acquainted with the previous driver because we had been traveling for so long, but I didn't know this new driver. Nevertheless, when I called out, he stopped the bus.

To find Duff, we would have to drive up a mountainous road, which was apparently where Duff had gone to find a restroom. The driver turned on the road and we traveled to the end, but we still didn't find Duff. I told the driver that Duff must have gotten into a car and that we must have passed the car while we had been traveling up the road. I told the driver that Duff had been gone for almost an hour and a half. The driver looked at me as if he doubted what I was saying, and as if he thought I should get my story straight. He put his two fingers together to indicate we both needed to be following the same path. As we continued talking, he turned the bus around to head back to the place where we had originally started.

I walked back to my seat. An Hispanic woman (about 30 years old, with whom I had been talking earlier), called me to her and told me she had liked the cookies which I had given her. She wanted to know where "the cookie man" was.

I knew Duff had given me some delicious cookies and I had given them to the woman, and I knew she had been referring to Duff when she had said "the cookie man."

She pulled me close to her. Even though other people were seated around us, I put my hand on her breast, which was covered by her low-cut top. Although the woman and I hadn't been close before, I decided I was going to let everyone know she was going to be my woman. I pulled her close to me and held her for a few minutes.

I backed away from her and walked off. Just as I was walking away, the bus driver (while he was talking and not paying attention to his driving) ran off the road and turned the bus over. I lay on my side, thinking that at least no one appeared to be injured. We should be able to get off the bus and push it back up straight.

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