Dream of: 11 February 2007 "Saran Wrap"

My wife Carolina (about 30 years old) and I were in the Summerdale Drive House, planning to take a bus to Portsmouth, Ohio. Carolina was married to my brother-in-law, and my brother-in-law was going to go with us. I was busily getting ready. We had to walk to the bus station, which was about a half hour away by foot. To reach the station, we would have to cross a river. Since it was cold outside, I took off all my clothes and began wrapping saran wrap all around my body. I began with my legs and my feet. I thought the saran wrap would help keep me warm when we went through the water. I was worried about my other belongings becoming wet when I went through the water. I would be taking a couple pairs of shoes and I thought I might put them in a plastic bag.

I was starting to become somewhat concerned because my brother-in-law had gone somewhere to get something, and it was getting late. The bus was supposed to leave at 4:45, and the clock said it was already after 4 o'clock. We needed more than a half hour to reach the bus station. I began to doubt we would have enough time. I started looking at a bus schedule, thinking we might have to leave the next day, although I didn't want to do that.

Carolina walked into the room. She was wearing a little piece of burgundy cloth around her neck, but her breasts were completely exposed. Besides the cloth, she was only wearing a thin pair of burgundy panties. I looked at her and let her know I would like to make love with her. When she gave her permission, I reached out and touched one of her breasts. I was just about to slip my hand inside her panties, when I saw my brother-in-law pulling up in a car in the back yard. I had an enormous erection. I was so disappointed. I didn't want to stop. I stuck my hand down her panties and started to insert my finger into her vagina. I knew, however, it was too late for us to make love. My brother-in-law was already there and we weren't going to be able to continue.

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