Dream of: 08 February 2007 "Dream On A Cup"

I was visiting my second-cousin, Pat (the daughter of my great-uncle Curt). While we were sitting in the living room, I was surprised to see Louise (about 30 years old) also in the living room. She had also come to visit Pat. One other person was in the room and we all sat and talked. A man who apparently was a friend of my cousin's walked through the hall adjoining the room.

I was sitting close to Louise and as I looked at her, I felt happy to see her. However, I noticed her face was broken out with red marks. Except for the red spots, she was quite pretty. I was sitting so close to her that our foreheads touched. Being so close to her felt good, as if something tangible still existed between us.

I was surprised when Louise began talking about a dream she had had. She had somehow written the dream on the outside of a porcelain cup, which she handed to me. As I started reading the dream, I realized it was written in French. I mentally translated it into English as I read it, without saying anything to my cousin. The French was so excellent, I had some difficulty as I tried to comprehend. I abruptly realized I had been unaware Louise could speak or write French. I concluded she must have been studying lately, her French was so good. Even though I myself spoke good French, I was having trouble reading this. I was uncertain I would even be able to understand the French, it was so well written. I continued to struggle with my reading.

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