Dream of: 01 February 2007 "165"

I had recently started working as a lawyer in a law firm. I wasn't yet sure of all my duties, but I had been given several cases to work on. One case was an anti-trust lawsuit. I had recently received a call from the female attorney who represented the opposing party, and she had given me a number which had some significance in the case, but I wasn't quite sure what. As of yet, I had hardly looked at the case, and suddenly I began to wonder if I might have negligently missed some deadline. I asked another attorney (a stocky man about 40 years old) in the firm if he had ever handled an anti-trust case, and I was surprised when he told me he had worked on several such cases. I recalled from the course I had taken in law school that anti-trust was quite complicated and I wasn't sure I would be able to handle it.

A meeting was called for some of the lawyers in the firm and I was included. I marched into a room with about 10 other lawyers. (I was unsure how many lawyers were in the firm, but I thought these were only a fraction). One wall was covered with a mirror in which I could see myself. I was only about 30 years old, tall and slender. I was dressed in a suit and my black hair was cropped stylishly short. I didn't look at all like myself.

One lawyer caught my attention and when I looked at him more carefully, I realized he was my old law school professor, Newton. He was wearing a long beige trench coat. He was thin and taller than I remembered him. He looked at me and I thought I heard him disdainfully mutter, "Steve Collier," but he quickly turned his head away from me. He walked in a loop through the room and exited. I wasn't sure, but I suspected he might have been angry because on my website I had published dreams in which he had appeared.

The meeting of the lawyers began with the lawyers standing around the room. One lawyer (a short stout fellow about 60 years old) stood in the front and began talking. Then he began passing out some little slips of paper (about a fourth the size of a regular sheet of paper) to each lawyer. I quickly realized the papers contained assessments of the recent work of the lawyers. I was even shown a sample paper which showed how a lawyer was graded for different attributes and how a final score was given. On the sample, the score was "6.65" which was considered a poor score.

Thus I was shocked when I was handed my paper and I saw my score: "1.65." My paper was completely blank except for my name and my score. I wondered if any lawyer had ever received such a low score. I first thought I would probably soon be fired; but then I reconsidered and thought new lawyers might typically receive low scores before working their way up.

Obviously, however, I needed to start diligently working on the anti-trust suit. I was worried I might have already missed a filing deadline. I had negligently disregarded the case and now I was uncertain what I should do. As soon as this meeting ended, however, I would attend to the case. Hopefully it wasn't too late.

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