Dream of: 14 June 2006 "The Lion And The Lamb"

I was driving a car, on my way to San Antonio where I intended to spend three days with a Mexican fellow who was a photographer (apparently for a television station). I was supposed to meet him in San Antonio.

I pulled my car into a hotel on the outskirts of San Antonio. I parked, stepped out of the car and went into the office. Through the window I could see the sky-line of the city in the distance. At first I thought the city might be Houston, but then I realized it was San Antonio. I signed in. The male clerk at the desk looked at my name and said it was ok. But when I told him the last name of the other fellow whom I would be meeting was "Rodriguez" (his full name was Paul Rodriguez), the clerk said I needed to fill out a special form. I looked at the tiny print of the form and I told the clerk I didn't want to fill it out. The clerk said not to worry about it, so I started filling out the form. I put down Paul Rodriguez' name and wrote that he lived in "Nuevo Leon" in Mexico.  I wasn't' even sure the information I was writing was correct.

I told the clerk that this didn't seem fair, that just because of the last name this form must be filled out. The clerk agreed, but I filled out the form anyway. When I was finished, I handed the form to the clerk. He gave me a little piece of paper telling me where my room was.

As I walked out of the office, I began thinking that in the future Carolina might have the same problem with her last name. But of course she had changed her name to my name, so she probably wouldn't have such a problem. If, however, she came with someone else, she might have a problem.

I began walking down a snowy road toward my room which was rather far away. As I proceeded I noticed some animals. I saw what appeared to be a mink (brown and soft) climbing through the snow up the side of a hill. A big bird which I thought must be an eagle flew overhead. I was happy to see so many animals. It seemed San Antonio was friendly toward animals.

A couple mountain lions ran along the road ahead of me. They jumped into some trees. I was walking alongside a little cliff. One mountain lion jumped right over my head and hit me in the head with its body.

Up ahead of me, another mountain was walking straight toward me on the road. I was carrying a little lamb. The mountain lion stopped and looked at me. I wasn't sure whether the lion was going to attack me. When I noticed the lion was carrying a deer, I concluded the lion simply wanted to pass me. I manipulated myself around so the lion was able to pull the deer past me. Once it had passed me, the lion stopped and starred right at me, only about 30 centimeters from my face. I thought I could give my lamb to the lion, but I didn't want to do that. The lion and I continued staring at each other. It looked as if the lion was finally going to turn and leave, but I wasn't sure.

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