Dream of: 31 December 2005 "Bear Riding A Whale"

I was walking through a forest with my mother (old and frail), a couple children, and a bear. We were passing through a swampy area and something (I wasn't sure what) in the swamp was trying to get us. Suddenly the bear ran and jumped into the swamp, and I realized the bear had jumped onto the thing which was after us. When the thing began rising out of the swamp, I saw that it was a gigantic black whale, as long as half a football field. The bear (which looked so small in comparison) was sitting on the back of the whale.

My mother, the two children, and I quickly began climbing up a hill beside the swamp. The hill was covered with dense jungle-like vegetation and fallen trees. The whale, determined to catch us, rose up out of the water and stretched its head almost to us. I pulled down a big branch and threw it at the whale. I was also concerned about the bear, which was on our side.

We were having difficulty climbing through the dense vegetation and fallen trees. We were in a dire situation and I was uncertain we were going to escape. 

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