Dream of: 30 December 2005 "Pot Roast"

Carolina and I had sold the house where we had been living (somewhat like the Summerdale Drive House, but in a different location). We later returned to the house one day with Arthur Swanigan (a Portsmouth acquaintance to whom I had once rented a house in Portsmouth) and a woman who was Swanigan's wife. Since the door was open, we all walked inside. Carolina quickly decided she wanted to cook a meal and have the meal waiting for the people who had bought our house when they returned home. She found a pot roast and began cooking. 

Meanwhile, I began to feel that we shouldn't have simply entered someone's house when no one was home and start cooking a meal, whatever good intentions we might have had. I encouraged everyone to hurry and eat so we could clean up our mess, take our things and leave before anyone returned home. So we hurried up and ate. I then scurried around picking up things. I wanted to make sure we didn't leave anything. I found a pair of glasses which belonged to Carolina and her MP3 player (just like mine). I picked up her things and stuck them in my pocket. I also picked up some leftover pot roast to take with us. Everyone else was likewise gathering up things.

Finally we were ready to leave. I wanted to depart as quickly as possible and head down the street. I looked at a clock - it was almost 4:30. We had already been here a couple hours and I thought we were lucky that no one had returned. I figured the new owners would probably return about 5 o'clock. so it looked as if we would be able to leave before anyone returned. I knew when the people returned, they would realize someone had been in the house, and they wouldn't be able to figure out what had happened to their pot roast.

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