The following is an actual dream included in my dream journal, and does not describe actual facts 

Dream of: 28 December 2005 "Fighter Pilot"

I was in China, in an area right next to the border of the United States. I was in a large field where many people were gathered, watching an air show of jets flying around, some coming very close to the ground and to the crowd of people. I was particularly interested in the jets because I myself was a jet pilot - a fighter pilot - although I wasn't participating in this particular show.

I was also interested in the international commerce of jet fighters. I was acutely aware that United States-corporations were selling many jet fighters to different countries all over the world, and that many of those countries used the fighter jets in wars against each other. I had finally become convinced that the commerce of jets and the wars themselves were nothing more than big games, very similar to video games, only on a much grander scale, wherein people were actually  killed.

As my thoughts tumbled, I suddenly realized the order had been given for the United States to go to war against China. Being a fighter jet pilot, I would obviously participate in the war, and I began looking at a map which showed an area in China which would be bombed, an area which just happened to be the exact area in which I presently found myself. I immediately determined that I would volunteer to bomb this area. I still didn't know what kind of bomb would be used, but I thought it would be a fire bomb. I even vividly imagined the area being hit by the bomb and I could see people on fire running through the streets. I pondered how I could live with myself after killing so many people. I even thought I might end up dropping an atomic bomb. Living with the stigma of the man who had dropped an atomic bomb on people would be difficult. Nevertheless, I decided I would do it.

Before anything else, however, I needed to get out of China. The situation was already deteriorating all around me. I entered a building and raced along some corridors, trying to avoid the Chinese who were all around. I encountered another American man who joined me, and the two of us continued along the hallways, searching for our way out and back across the border. Both the other man and I had passports, which we would need shortly, for I was supposed to meet someone at a rendezvous to cross the border.

Unfortunately, some Chinese suddenly surrounded the other American and me and we were led into a room. When the Chinese left the man and me alone for a moment, I quickly told the man to follow me into the adjoining bathroom. I had been here before and I knew a secret about this bathroom. I stepped into the shower and I pushed on the tilled wall on one side of the shower. The wall moved back on hinges, revealing a secret passageway on the other side. I stepped into the passageway and signaled my American compadre to follow me. He seemed to hesitate until I forcefully exclaimed that we had to leave "Now!" He followed me into the passageway and I pushed the shower wall back just as the Chinese walked into the bathroom. The tilled door was expertly camouflaged. I only wished I had some way to place a bar on my side. Somehow we were able to see right through the wall and watch the bewildered Chinese try to figure out what had happened to us. They had no clue.

The American and I turned our attention to the secret passageway and moved along. I knew that from here I would be able to reach my rendezvous and escape back into the United States.

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