Dream of: 27 December 2005 "Talent Show"

I was sitting in the rear of an auditorium, in the last row of seats. A man (probably in his early 60s) was sitting on my right and on the other side of him was the aisle. The auditorium was crowded -- every seat appeared to be taken -- and everyone was waiting for the show to start down front on the stage. As we all sat waiting, I noticed that the man on my right had placed his left hand on my right leg. I contemplated his hand for a few moments, finally concluded that his hand on my leg was inappropriate, and with my right hand I brushed off his hand.

Now, without turning my head toward him, I kept my eye on him, and I noticed that he had his hand down around his crotch. I couldn't be sure, but it looked as if his pants were unzipped and as if he were zipping the pants back up. As I watched him, he once again put his left hand on my leg. Without hesitation I knocked his hand off my leg, looked him in the eye, and told him to keep his "fucking hand" off my leg. He grumbled something and I wondered if I had done anything to encourage his outrageous behavior. At least he didn't try anything else.

As I continued to wait, a troop of about 20 people (probably in their late teens) squeezed down my row of seats right in front of me. A couple of the females had especially well-developed breasts which caught my attention. They continued on out into the aisle and moved along.

Finally some people walked onto that stage, apparently to start the show. Two young blond-haired people (probably in their mid teens) stood next to each other. I couldn't tell whether they were male or female. A man walked onto the stage and began talking to them, and finally the man introduced one of the two, who turned out to be a boy. I quickly gathered that we were about to witness a talent show, and the boy would be one of the contestants. The man explained that the boy was a singer, and then the man asked the audience for contributions to help the boy in his singing carrier. I thought the request for contributions was highly inappropriate, especially since the audience hadn't even heard the boy sing yet.

As the boy continued talking, he said, "I'm country." From his statement, I concluded that he was a country singer. He finally sang a little in a shrill, unpleasant voice. Then he walked to the rear of the stage, sat down, and prepared to sing a song. I thought to myself that this talent show certainly wasn't getting off to a very good start.

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