Dream of: 26 December 2005 "German Paintings"

A street fair had been set up on the street. It consisted of numerous tents and booths where wares were being sold. All the tents and wares were from a small town in southern Germany, probably Bavaria. The owners had traveled all the way here to the United States to display their goods.

It was early morning and not many people were visiting the tents and booths. I moseyed into one tent and began looking over the items. A couple Germans were running the tent -- a man and woman (probably in their 50s), dressed in colorful German clothing. The woman seemed dissatisfied that so few people had turned out to visit the tents. I commiserated with her, even though she seemed peevish and disinclined to help me. She spoke with me in German and I answered her in German.

I looked over the goods in the tents and saw several post-card sized paintings which interested me. They were only $1 apiece and I bought several from the man. Once I had bought the paintings, I looked at them more carefully and found them to be quite exquisite. The woman now warmed up and pointed out that one of the small paintings contained three more paintings within it. I squinted and scrutinized the painting until I discerned the three smaller paintings within. Although extremely tiny, the three little paintings were extremely detailed. I was awed.

I was surprised I had been able to buy the paintings so cheaply and I asked if more were available. The woman said they had no more of this type. They had some other small paintings, but none as good as the ones I had bought. I realized I had been fortunate to pick out these particular ones, especially the one with the three small paintings, and that obviously the paintings were worth much more than I had paid.

The woman took a seat and we continued talking in German. She was much nicer now and I was enjoying our conversation.

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