Dream of: 19 December 2005 "Close To God"

Several people and I were in a limo-like car with president George W. Bush and his wife Laura, sitting in the back, facing each other. Bush was very amiable and easy to talk with. He asked me if I would like to fly to Washington D.C. with him in a jet. I was incredulous. Of course I wanted to. I asked if he were kidding and he said he was. He had just been playing a joke.

I mentioned to Bush that I had heard he thought he was close to God. I hadn't intended to offend him, but he seemed offended. I thought of mentioning Abraham Lincoln and how Lincoln had thought he had been inspired by God, so Bush wouldn't think I was saying he (Bush) was the only president who had thought he had been inspired by God. But what I really wanted to find out was how Bush knew he was really hearing God. I also wanted to tell him I also thought I was close to God, and I wanted to point out how other people -- such as Islamic extremists -- thought they heard God. Who was right? Who really heard God?

We finally stopped, stepped out of the car, and walked into a crowded post office. Bush circulated among the big crowd of people and greeted them. I thought to myself that Bush, being president, was also the head of the post office. I thought he could go behind the counter and pick up mail and look at it if he wanted. I even heard someone call him "boss."

In the throng, I lost sight of Bush, but I saw a pile of letters addressed to him and I picked them up so I could give the letters to him. When I started trying to find Bush again, a man who was obviously in the Secret Service walked up to me and stopped me. When I told him I had been with Bush all day, the man said that couldn't be true because they would have known. Then I corrected myself and said I had been with Bush for two hours. Then I corrected myself again and said I had been with Bush for one hour.

I showed the mail to the man and he wanted to take it. I told him I wanted to deliver it myself; but I couldn't think of a good reason for my delivering the mail to Bush. So I finally gave the mail to the man. He said I would still be present when he handed the mail to Bush.

I saw that my time with the president was almost over. I saw Bush's problem: he needed more contact with the people. Apparently Bush often went out to meet people and tried to get a feel of what the people were thinking. I thought I would only have one more minute with him when I said goodbye and I contemplated what I would say. I wanted to give him some kind of message which would help him. I thought I would tell him he was a good man, but people hated him. But then I thought that wasn't a good thing to say. I needed a more helpful message. I tried to think of what I might offer him. Then I thought about my past and my time in prison in Iran (I spent almost eight months in a prison in Tabriz, Iran in 1978-1979 for auto smuggling). I knew more about Iran than Bush did and finally I knew what I would tell him. I would say, "Iran is worse than Iraq."

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