Dream of: 11 December 2005 (2) "Dead Humming Bird"

I was in a large basement room with a door which gave onto the outside. My sister was expecting some of her girlfriends to arrive and when they began showing up, I went to the door and let them in one at a time. They were all probably 16-17 years old.

My hair was very blonde -- like straw -- and I was afraid someone might think I had dyed it, but I hadn't. My hair was quite long and falling all the way down to my mouth in front, hanging in my eyes. The problem was that the hair was parted on one side, instead of in the middle. If I would simply part the hair in the middle, it was long enough to pull behind my ears and not fall in my eyes. I decided I needed to change the part. I went upstairs, passed by my mother, and headed to the bathroom, where I looked at myself in a mirror. Some hair in back had been pulled together in little pony tails with rubber bands. I remembered that my sister had done that earlier and that I had forgotten. No wonder the girls had looked at me funny when I had let them in the basement. I proceeded to part my hair down the middle so it looked much better and was more manageable.  

When I had finished, I returned to the basement and continued opening the door for several more girls. Several looked Hispanic and my sister even seemed a little like Carolina. My sister told me they were all going out to eat pizza and I could go with them. I wasn't sure I would go, but since I wasn't busy at the moment, I thought I might.

My attention became distracted, however, when the room began filling up with dozens of butterflies. It seemed like an outside scene and grass was on the floor. One huge butterfly flying near me had a wingspan of almost a meter. I reached out and grabbed it. I was sorry I did: it immediately fell to the ground and looked as if it were paralyzed. I wanted it to fly again. I tried to right it, but it just lay there and then started to blow away. On its underside were complicated wheels and clogs. One caught fire and I hurriedly put it out. Finally the butterfly seemed to come back to life and began rising again in the air. My sister was standing nearby and I told her to be sure not to touch the big butterflies.

The room now had bright white walls and seemed huge. Suddenly vines began appearing on the walls. Green vines and sprouting leaves rapidly appeared all over the walls. I was amazed. I blurted that I had never seen anything like it. Insects also seemed to be in the vines. I looked closer and saw a giant bee about five times normal size. It seemed to be building a nest and it was holding some kind of dead animal. I looked at the dead animal more carefully: it was a small dead humming bird. Suddenly the bee dropped the hummingbird, which landed on my shoulder. I slowly raised myself up toward the nest and the bee managed to pull the hummingbird from my shoulder back to its nest. I had the feeling the bee was grateful.

When I turned my attention back to the room, instead of with vines, the walls were now covered with shelves of products as in a store. The whole room had turned into a store filled with all kinds of products. It was all brand new and clean and ready to open. Suddenly I realized the store belonged to my father, one of his new projects. I figured he would probably call it "Collier's" since he tended to use his last name in all his projects.

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