Dream of: 11 December 2005 "Lesbian"

I had gone out with another woman behind Carolina's back. The woman and I had dated several times and had had sex once, but now she wanted to break it off. I was talking with her about it, trying to persuade her not to stop seeing me. She was around 30 years old, with blonde hair and quite attractive. Only now did I finally learn that she wanted to stop the relationship with me because she was a lesbian. She admitted that she had enjoyed the sex with me, and she admitted that she needed sex and that she masturbated every day. I thought of telling her I also masturbated every day, but I knew that wasn't correct, so I didn't. But I pointed out that since she still needed sex, we could continue to see each other simply for sexual purposes. I thought to myself that she would need to have an AIDS test and I was worried about our having already had sex without protection. But I thought if she had a test there would be no problem in the future. I also pointed out that while she and I had been dating, we had read a book about a situation just like this, about a lesbian successfully having a relationship with a man. I said we could have a relationship just like the one we had read about. The woman still didn't seem inclined to continue -- yet there was still the possibility.

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