Dream of: 09 December 2005 "Cruise Ship"

I was lying in a bed in a cluttered living room. Carolina, my mother and my father were in the room. Louise came to the door and stood in the doorway. She seemed friendly, but I felt embarrassed about the bed being in the crowded living room. I wondered if Louise noticed that Carolina was only wearing a top and a pair of white panties. I wanted to talk with Louise, but she turned and left.

I got out of bed and walked into the next room. Suddenly the room turned up on its side and then all the way over upside down, so I ended up standing on the ceiling. Now I remembered we were io a cruise ship and I realized the ship must have turned over. I hollered to the others as the room began filling up with water. I thought I could dive down through the water and swim into the next room.

I began imagining how we would get out of this mess. Surely people would be trying to rescue us. Maybe they were even trying to turn the boat back over. But that could be dangerous because the water might flood into the rooms and drown everyone. Maybe hoses with air would be passed under the boat to pass in air. Maybe I could simply swim out; but I doubted I could hold my breath that long. I simply didn't know what I was going to do.

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